– About CHD :

CHD which stands for Coordination Humanitaire et Développement currently includes 41 French international solidarity organizations.

Established back in 1983 and named Coordination d’Agen then, it is now entitled Coordination Humanitaire et Développement, aka CHD. CHD is among the founding members of Coordination SUD.

It is one of the major French international solidarity-oriented organizations groups. It gathers organizations which implement humanitarian projects dedicated to relief, reconstruction and/or development issues all around the world.

CHD aims at:

asserting international solidarity organizations (ISOs) specific character

fostering coordination among practitioners throughout the humanitarian process: prevention, relief, reconstruction and development

gathering the ISOs which perform humanitarian, reconstruction and/or development-oriented actions in favor of the most vulnerable populations

representing these ISOs upon private and civil partners.

It features two divisions ie a Humanitarian-oriented one and a Development one. Both divisions include active or associated members who are enrolled on a voluntary basis.

Under the management of its own Chairman, both Divisions are responsible for their own internal activities, schedule and external events.

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