BOUTIN Xavier – Chairmen 
5 mars 2018
MAURICET Thierry – Chairmen 
5 mars 2018


(Solidarités International Founder)

For 32 years Alain Boinet has been involved in humanitarian causes and has implemented numerous field missions. As Solidarités International  Founder, with 18 current missions including over 2,000 staff, mainly regarding sanitation and drinking water supply, food safety, and rebuilding damaged infrastructures. He is convinced that the prevention-relief-reconstruction-development process is a key factor to strengthen the self-reliance and resilience of threatened populations, together with careful respect for their dignity and identity.

In 2010 Benoit Miribel and Alain Boinet were commissioned by the French Foreign Affairs Office to draft a report on humanitarian actions, which led to setting up the Conférence Nationale Humanitaire in 2001, then France humanitarian strategy and a group on humanitarian matters named ONG-MAEE in 2012.

Very much involved in drinking water and sanitary equipment access to all as part of 2015 MDGs, he wishes to think about, promote and coordinate humanitarian action-oriented projects in relation with all concerned actors and partners.

In 2013 he was appointed as Coordination SUD Administrator for CHD.